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During the past few years I've become increasingly interested in working 3dimensionally either in elements attached to functionware or by bringing sculptures into the dining situation that interfere or take over de dinner table .

I'm aiming for a narrative sort of table set that adds another dimension to the eating experience causing you to rethink your strategy of approaching the meal.
Doing experiments is what I love, to test my materials and discover new possibilities. I realise that the ceramic process has quite an impact on the environment so lately I've been searching for ways to work with recycled tableware. If the shape I need is a basic one I might aswell use one that's already been made, giving it a second life.


"Concetta" plate inspired by Lucio Fontane .


A series of tests mimicking food (remains) upon readymade recycled tableware.


Weasel ferret something sculpture.


"Equinox" installation made during exchange periode at HDK in Göteborg, Sweden.


Research on our daily tableware using cooking-methods to create an alternative set.


Triptitch of plate-related shapes emphasising on surfaces and their relation.